Social Media Marketing Tip of the Day #1

As the first blog of the year, this topic came about serendipitously. We will probably not have a daily Instagram tip, but we will have various tips on our blog. While reviewing a clients Instagram account, I noticed another account started to follow us …….for the 5th time in about less than a month. No one likes… this but thank you account who shall not be named for bringing forth our first blog post of 2018.

Ticket to Win 2014

Townsquare Media’s Ticket to Win Event was highlighting the events scheduled for 2015. From Haunted Houses, Beer Fests, Jack Hannah’s Animals and everything in between, they were excited for the new year to come.   Positive Design Company was hired to create champagne bottle lables to highlight each event.  The branding and design needed to


Events will always need marketing, from posters, to fliers, billboards, social media posts, you name it and you can use it.

Positive Design Company is frequently hired to design eye catching posters for events.